Most of our resources are free. They may be distributed freely to anyone that would benefit from them so long as no fee is charged by any who use or distribute them. 


Native Sons Newsletter Archive


Native Sons Newsletters showcase the stories of Native American Christian leaders, students, and individuals. They include historical and current information about the Nations/Tribes that the individuals come from and to which they minister. The newsletters are intended to be short, enjoyable to read, and helpful in understanding the triumphs and challenges that Native Christians face.



Center for Native Leadership Development Courses


The Centers for Native Leadership Development (CNLD) is a part of the ministry of the Native American Fellowship of the Assemblies of God. Our intention is to provide local ministry training in Native country that is affordable and meets the credentialing requirements of the Assemblies of God. Unlike the other resources on this page, there is a fee for enrolling in CNLD courses and each course requires the purchase of the book that is part of the course.

Basic Training Manual for Those Desiring to Serve in Native Ministry


The training manual includes 13 topics of discussion intended to provide an overview of essential areas of consideration for engaging in Native ministry. The concern of the manual is to prepare outsiders to work in cultures that are not their own in a way that promotes the Gospel and creates truly indigenous communities of Christ-followers. The training manual represents the insights and concerns of over 100 Native pastors and leaders, missionaries, and non-Native ministers serving among Native Americans.



Suggested Training Program for Missionaries to Native Americans


This training program represents the insights and concerns of the same people involved in the creation of the training manual. This program was specifically designed for use within the Assemblies of God, but our hope is it might help others to reconsider ineffective and outmoded approaches to Native ministry and in their stead provide an approach to Native ministry that genuinely seeks to establish indigenous communities where Jesus is worshipped as Lord and Savior in a culturally meaningful way.

Native American Fellowship of the Assemblies of God


The purpose of Native American Fellowship is to Evangelize, Equip Leaders, Establish Native Churches, and Develop an information network.

The Native American Fellowship is a catalytic network of Native American Christian leaders and churches that subscribes to the doctrinal position of the 16 Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God. This includes pastors, denominational leaders, teachers, community developers, missionaries and others. Native Americans taking the whole Gospel to the First Nations of North America and the world.

Our vision is to establish a strong native ministry in every native church across our fellowship, to help encourage pastors and prayer partners, and to assist in practical leadership development in every area.

The Native American Fellowship (NAF) exists for the purpose of exchanging information, facilitating evangelism, leadership development, and establishing churches and ministries within its group.