Because of gathering restrictions connected with COVID-19 we have begun to create video lessons for the Centers for Native Leadership Development. Eventually, all the courses and lessons for the certificate level of credentialing will be available, but at this time the video lessons are being posted as they are made. These video lessons may be freely accessed, but if you desire credentialing credit it is necessary to sign up for the courses. When completed there will be 11 courses offered for the certified minister’s credentialing level.

2 – Old Testament Survey

This 15 session course provides an overview of the Old Testament, focusing on its content, teachings, and emphases of each of its authors.

More lessons coming in the future.

  1. OT Survey – Treasures from the OT ;   1 – Treasures from OT handout
  2. OT Survey – The Patriarchs ; 2 – The Patriarchs Handout
  3. OT Survey – Israel’s Early Years; 3 – Israel’s Early Years, Exodus-Deut handout
  4. OT Survey – Conquest and Life in Canaan; 
  5. OT Survey – The Israelite Empire;  
  6. OT Survey – The Southern Kingdom of Judah;  
  7. OT Survey – The Postexilic Books;  
  8. OT Survey – Humanity’s Appeal to God;  
  9. OT Survey – Divine Appeals to Humanity;  
  10. OT Survey – Israel’s Early Prophets;  
  11. OT Survey – Judah’s Early Prophets;  
  12. OT Survey – Preexilic Prophets;  
  13. OT Survey – The Exilic Prophets;  
  14. OT Survey – The Postexilic Prophets;  
  15. OT Survey – The Connection (between the OT & NT);  

3 – Acts: The Holy Spirit’s Work in Believers

This 13 session course involves a detailed look at the people and events recorded in Acts and consideration of the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in believers’ lives today.

Lessons coming in the future